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Blueprint For Life© - A New Way of Be ing

Initial Course covers a six week period

Becoming more aware of how to live our daily lives can show us how we influence difficulties or problems being experienced and what causes anxiety or stress, so then we can help ourselves and strengthen our own unique inner light.

Being more aware or conscious of what we think and what we say is becoming more important than ever – ‘in the beginning was the word’.

The Blueprint for Life© Course teaches and shows us how our thoughts and language affect everything in our world/reality, and thus how everyone we meet is also affected by what we think and what we say - I am you and you are me - as we move more and more into the consciousness of Oneness, we are realising that everything and everyone is affected by every single thought, word and deed of every one else.

Therefore, becoming more aware and more focussed in our own, unique and individual way will assist in changing the way mankind behaves towards his or her self - and so to one another.

Another important element of the Blueprint for Life© Course is meditation. Simple meditation is one of the most important aspects that we can give to ourselves, which can bring more inner peace, joy and tranquillity into our lives. It can assist us in removing worries, anxiety and stress from the daily routine and helps us be more relaxed so thus healthier and stress free.

Throughout the Blueprint of Life© Course, handouts are given which reflect the individual emphasis for each weeks session, so a certain amount of ‘conscious focus’ is encouraged for participants with bullet points to assist in triggering greater understanding for each day, together with the individual Universal Law pertaining to that week's focus.

For anybody who is interested in the Blueprint for Life© Course please use the Contact page to get in touch with Barbara Cheryth to discuss the course further and she will help you start and set up your own group. It is the time now to recognise your own special place in the great scheme of things.

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