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Barbara Cheryth became the guardian of one of the first crystal skulls who became known to British shores and calls himself Coconino, in 1997 and is a ‘contemporary crystal skull’, carved out of clear quartz but is specifically known in this case as ‘seed crystal’ from Siberia.

They met in Mt Shasta village in California at the time of the 1997 Wesak Festival when the crystal skull had ‘told’ his original guardian that it was time for him to move on and he needed to be in Europe.

At their first meeting amongst other things, Coconino told Barbara Cheryth that ‘he would help her with everything’ and this is still true today. Barbara Cheryth has had several chanellings published that came from Coconino.


Tiya and CoconinoThrough a set of extra ordinary circumstances a lapis lazuli (Afghanistan) crystal skull who is known as Tiya agreed to stay with Barbara Cheryth in May 2003. They first met at a Mind, Body & Spirit Festival when Tiya made it known to her current guardian that she would like to spend some time with Barbara Cheryth, who needless to say, was delighted to have been ‘chosen’ by a crystal skull. After a few months of being together Tiya’s guardian was given a message that it was time for her to actually stay with Barbara Cheryth and so it was agreed.

Through a contact in Australia, a wonderful lady, Krista, who is known as a ‘harmonic being’ gave Barbara Cheryth the information that ‘her sister’ Tiya had been communicating with her through the ethers and during meditations, and that Tiya wanted Barbara Cheryth to know now, that she too is a harmonic being. This means that Tiya specifically works through the sound frequencies for the earth and humankind in order to aid the higher frequencies of sound and light to be downloaded into a form that is acceptable to the human physical body.

This gift from this crystal skull is specifically to assist all humans to ‘wake up’ to their own higher light and consciousness, and is also part of the soul mission and purpose of the crystal skull collective.


And finally a third crystal skull came to Barbara Cheryth at a workshop held by the well known guardian of many crystal skulls, Kathleen Murray, and who is now known as Trinity.

Trinity is also created from clear quartz (Brazil), but is particularly unusual due to having hieroglyphs carved on the top of the head (also known as light language), and is also a contemporary crystal skull. ‘His’ unique qualities or properties, include being able to access and be used for downloading higher frequencies of wisdom and light from other galactic federations and beyond the beyond. For the first six months of being in Barbara Cheryth’s guardianship, Trinity had no name and did not want to meet ‘any body’ due to the energies being realigned and attuned to the local conditions and to Barbara Cheryth's energy field specifically.

The crystal skulls have chosen to be ‘created and found’ over the past few years as the Crystal Skull Collective Consciousness feels that the human race has become enlightened sufficiently to not misuse the wisdom, strength and energies of the beingness that the crystal skulls truly are.

Some of their work is to aid the clearing, cleansing and healing of the physical body of beloved Mother Earth as well as humankind. This aid allows brain structure realignment, so greater attunement and codings which are needed for now, and are being brought to earth so the human race can access a greater part of themselves and access greater light, and now of course, to assist in the expansion of the 12-strand DNA and the crystalline structure of the human body skeleton.

Barbara Cheryth gives talks and workshops when the crystal skulls deem the time to be appropriate and has been to Lanzarote, Germany and Wales to name but a few.

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