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Barbara Stone with CoconinoBarbara Cheryth was born in Guildford and schooled in Godalming. She later became a secretary from Guildford Secretarial College, a place for young ladies! many moons ago. She lived and worked in London for several years working in advertising agencies and then decided to ‘branch out’...

Barbara Cheryth had travelled around Europe during this time quite extensively, as well as having lived in Paris in the early 60’s, and then felt it was time to go further afield. In 1966 she started her relationship with Africa, first living in South Africa but spent some time in East Africa. She took a boat to Rio de Janeiro and covered all modes of transport through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, a train across the Andes to Chile, then on to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama City and finally to the Bahamas. After some months, on to New Orleans ending up in San Francisco for a year. She moved on again to Mexico, and then to New York by Greyhound bus where she worked for three years, returning to the UK in 1971. In 1976 she went back to West Africa Nigeria until 1986.

Upon her return to the UK, and following the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, once again Barbara Cheryth changed direction and decided to ‘wake up’ to a wholly different reality, bred Siamese Cats for ten years, and became ...

... a crystal therapist, a ‘hands on’ healer (full Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers for 18 years) and is an empathic channel.

Barbara Cheryth completed short courses in aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, astrology, practised Reiki, and is a natural dowser. She also much enjoyed and completed horse healing courses (with Margrit Coates and Perry Wood) and is named on the Equine Healing Register.

During healing sessions with several ex-race horses, Barbara Cheryth discovered that she is a natural-born horse whisperer when the horses were relating their story to her.

Tiya & CoconinoOver the past ten years, she became the guardian of three crystal skulls so these now assist in amplifying the healing energies during her work as a healer for Gaia, the animal and human kingdoms.

In 1997 during a meditation with Lord Buddha and Master Lao Tzu, she was invited to start making vibrational energy healing lotions known as "Body Maintenance©". 

In April 2010 during a session with Paschalis Kazakopoulos and Frixos Christodoulou both from Angel House University (Greece), Athens, beloved Yeshua, Jesus, Sananda together with Mary Magdalene invited Barbara Cheryth to make up an Ointment to be known as The Rose of the Integrated Christ ~ Mary Magdalene ~ Ointment, together with Angel of the Christ ~ Mary Magdalene ~ Oil and The Inner Quintessence of the Integrated Christ ~ for the 7 Major Chakras, these are now available  (see Products page).

Barbara Cheryth now runs self empowerment and meditation groups on a regular basis, and is currently facilitating a new self empowering course entitled ‘Blueprint For Life’ - A New Way Of Be ing, which was first taught in the summer of 2005.

She is now also running new 'Life Symbols' ©Kay Kraty Courses.

She has also recently started to make ‘handmade’ greeting cards which are ‘imbued’ with healing energy as they are created.

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