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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift magazine is a living library of consciousness raising information relating to personal and planetary healing.

Ronna Herman

Ronna Herman is internationally known as a channel for Archangel Michael. She brings Archangel Michael's messages of hope and inspiration to many thousands each year.

Kathleen Murray

Nyako Nakar

Nyako Nakar is a creative artist and sees in the elaboration of an image that it will always reveal within it a suggestion of its original essence, and the essential beings will also always be present in the original form. Nyako generously created specifically through Spirit, the image behind Barbara's website and also created the image for The I AM Family of Light Conference 2006.

The I AM Family of Light

The Sunshine Clinic

The Sunshine Clinic at Send is run by Louise Knecht -





Jhadten Jewall

Jhadten is committed to co-creating global awareness so that the community of mankind may evolve in peaceful and wholesome ways.

St Michael’s Church, Ewell

St Michael’s Church - The Sanctuary is a place of universal truth and healing, a haven of deep peace, a place where mind, heart and soul can find rest and stillness in its tranquil and nurturing energies.

Edwin Courtenay

Damian Nola

Damian Nola is an extraordinary young man who is a great teacher and healer and is currently renewing his website but can be contacted from this web link.

David J Adams

David J Adams – was guided several years ago to initiate the Marine Meditations in order to assist with the clearing and cleansing of our beloved Earth's oceans and waterways - thus humankind's emotional body. He has also been recently inspired to write music with lyrics to sing to the Earth during the Marine Meditations of the Equinoxes and Solstices.


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