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February 23rd 2008


February 23rd 2008

March 6th 2008


Saturday, February 23 2008 – for Church service February 24 2008


It is truly time that we all started to raise our vibration even more than ever before …

Since the lunar eclipse last week and the new influx of divine Christed Light, we are asking you to take more and more responsibility for your own selves.

To listen to your words, to hear your own thoughts and to be more aware than ever before of the language that you use.

So much is changing on planet earth as we speak to you today, and we are pleading with you now, to understand what the word responsibility really means. The ability to respond, whenever any body says something out loud it reverberates throughout all energy fields right across the planet, in truth throughout all of creation, so the energies are felt wheresoever they go …

Look at your own bodies, and see if there are blockages in any parts, and work with them – ask us in our realms for assistance in moving these energy blockages that surely are no longer required, or indeed are doing you any good either.

Be more conscious in your meditations, your sleep states and in truth, with every divine breath that you take, clearing out your sub conscious, your super conscious, your spiritual body, your mental body, your emotional bodies and bring that divine Christ Light more and more into every cell of your body …

Yahveh is the Hebrew word for God, for Jehovah, every cell of your body is God is a divine expression of your own divinity, of your unique and individual Christ Light, you are divine, spiritual beings having a human experience, you know these words, you have heard them many times before but we truly want to impress this upon you this evening of how precious you are to us, to our realms. We cannot help or assist the human race without your requests … it is becoming more and more imperative for us to get this message across to you, there is truly an Armageddon going on once again – energy wise across the planet, yes the truth is appearing all over the place, cracks are appearing on every level of society, so we are begging you to stay focused, to stay in the light and to hear our words, with love in our hearts for you, surrounding you, embracing you, holding you in our etheric arms, as we support you with every breath that you take …

Hear our words beloved, look to the heavens, look to the earth and hear our prayers for you to hear your inner voices, listen to your heart and know the truth of who you truly are.

We would like to thank you for hearing our transmission, here it ends …

In love then we leave you in this moment …

The Arcturians. – your brothers and sisters in Light

Thank you child.

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