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March 9th 2008


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March 6th 2008


Church Service March 9 - Releasing Fear and Blending - The Poldars from Alpha Centauri

We are going to meet some new beings of Light today that perhaps are not so familiar to you but have stepped forward today to assist you in releasing any fears that might still remain in your physical form, and which in turn will disturb and affect your growth, as you are stepping forward into your own greater light, the greater light of your selves.

We are known as the Poldars, we are insectoid in our appearance and we communicate mainly telepathically but as some of you are raising your vibration more and more we are now beginning to be able to make ourselves known to you in your physical world.

We have been through the ascension process as you are calling this time in your evolution and we have stepped forward today in order to assist you with releasing your fears and allowing our energies to blend, to help you to recognize that indeed you and we are all one in the divine light of our souls and it is the time for us to now be able to assist with your own progress and your own process.

Some of you who may see us might feel fear in the pit of your stomachs as we have elongated bodies and many legs. We have two main antennae on the top of our heads and we have fairly large eyes, more perhaps like a praying mantis as you know it in your world, Lord Lanto of course is one of our greatest masters so you might see us as green and translucent in your inner eye, but be not afraid, we are from the light, we have always come from the light and we shall all ways be in the light, our home planet is Alpha Centauri and we wish you our love and many blessings and thanks as our messenger is allowing us to speak through her own consciousness, thank you child.

We have stepped forward today to help you to blend with our energies, and because we understand that some humans have deep fears of the insect races, we thought it would be appropriate for us to come to you today in order to assist you to blend with our energies, with our beingness and thus to assist you to release deeper ingrained fears that might perhaps be trapped in your own energy fields, and thus can and might affect your physical form.

So we would ask you to close your eyes, and to breathe deeply and gently now, focus your attention on your abdomen and how deeply you can to bring your higher breath into the lower part of your abdomen.

Breathe now as deeply and as slowly as you can now, slowly, slowly and more and more deeply, feel the breath moving through all parts of your throat, your thymus gland, right deep into your hearts now, allow your lungs to expand and allow the breath to penetrate deep into your stomachs, and into your lower chakras, the sacral or centre of your belly, the womb area the deep inner part of your place of creation, and now deeper and deeper into the red area of your reproductive organs, the deeper part of your perenium, your pelvic floor where you are sitting on your chairs.

Allow these breaths to penetrate each and every part of your lower abdomen, deeper and deeper with each breath, we will take you into a few silent moments so you can continue with this deep, relaxing and cleansing breath ……… long pause …

Now see this breath becoming light, becoming lighter and lighter, now filling your whole torso, your lower physical form with light, see, feel or experience this breath, this light permeating every cell of your lower abdomen, washing, clearing, cleansing any dark corners of fears, negative energies caused by your own old thoughts, your old language old belief patterns that surely no longer serve you, see this light now moving through all of your organs, the pancreas, the bowel, the bladder, the kidneys, the intestines, the centre of the nervous system where old emotional experiences can be held, the uterus, the vagina and the penis, allowing the stomach to relax more, the digestive tract all being filled with greater cleansing light with every breath that you are breathing in and breathing out … long pause …

Now wait for a while until you feel your whole lower body is filled to capacity with this breath and this light and now allow the light to slowly and gently move down through your legs and out of your feet and into the earth, see this light trickling out now of your feet, moving through the earth star moving down and down through the whale matrix and into the stomach, the centre of our beloved Mother Earth. And see any and all fears being gently and lovingly now being held in the arms of our beloved planet, see any blockages, dark spots, suggestions of pain being finally released into the light of our mother, the mother has been waiting for this moment for aeons of time when as you are releasing any fears that she can transmute these into her loving embrace, she has been holding this space for you for lifetime after lifetime awaiting you to enter into this wondrous and loving embrace with her, feel your head gently laying on her bosom as she holds you in her loving arms, embracing you, holding you safe and feel nurtured and at home!

Allow your selves to stay in this loving embrace and feel safe.

… long pause … and now we would ask you to feel not only at one with our beloved Terra Gaia but now allow your self to blend, to fall even deeper into her loving arms, blending and surrendering into this moment, feeling at one with all, blending into the full consciousness of each and every sentient being here in this space now …

Feel your self blending with the angels of other worlds, with beings of other worlds, blending with each other, right across this beautiful planet, with the water ways, with the mountains, with the hills and the dales, with the savannahs, with the land itself, with the rivers and the lakes and with all of this part of creation, allowing your selves to blend and to merge with all that is …

Feeling now a great weight so to speak being lifted off your shoulders, releasing and surrendering any weight that has been sitting in any one spot in your physical form, just letting go of simply everything, any doubts, any fears anything and everything that no longer serves you, you are light, you are earth angels, you are beings of light, you have chosen to take on this physical form to assist, to serve the greater good, this is your truth, you do not need to hold on to any other truth than this …

Release and blend, release and blend, release and blend with all that is …

Feel the love from within rising up now from the earth beings, the beings who have held the energies for Mother Earth since her inception, since her creation and feel your selves being loved, being held and loving yourselves too in this moment …

Merge and blend, merge and blend in love, feel your selves being loved, feel this deep love flooding over you, and now bring that love into your self, for your self, for it is you, for it is who you truly are, you are only love …

Letting go finally and once and for all, of any fears that truly are not yours, never were and never likely to be, you have just been feeling the collective consciousness of fear that has existed within the energy field of beloved Mother Earth who has held this fear throughout the ages of all of the distorted thoughts and disconnected feelings from the human race, and this is no longer required of you …

Allow us with our fine spindley legs to weave these new loving energies into your energy fields, like the thread of a spiders web, rainbow light, strong, vibrant and creating a new etheric cocoon around your body, around your limbs, around your heads, holding you in its loving embrace, a new energy of loving rainbow light, releasing you from any old patterns or beliefs from the earthly consciousness which will assist you to step forwards into your own rainbow light, this newly formed rainbow web of light now surrounding you will support you and will hold you firmly as you move up and up into your new light vibrations and ascension, keeping you from harm and holding you in a safe space.

It has been our delight and our joy to join with you this day, we wish you well, we wish you joy and much love and our deep gratitude in allowing us to step forward to be with you today on this special day of the 9 of the 3 in this year of 2008, call on us whenever you feel we can continue to assist in any way, we are your divine servants and we love you beyond words …

We are from Alphi Centauri and this is our truth …

Barbara Stone

Information regarding the Poldars received from Damian Nola


They are fabulous beings - who relate to the Divine Feminine Nature of the Cosmos.... a great deal of Centaurian energy comes through Alpha-Centuri as well at least within mine own estimation... similair to the Chiron type energy.....

Their name somewhat gives away their functions.... Poldars - relating to poles - frequency - harmonisation of dualities - creation of new energy forms through harmonising complementary yet seemingly polar energetics... I see them very much as fitting into the whole philosopher/scientist archetype... 5th ray wisdom - art, literature, science, healing, higher mind.

From my understanding also to the Insect Kingdom was given guardianship of the Fifth Element or the Element of Akash .... (Akashic Records/Book of Life)

Mammals guard the Earth Element
Birds - Air
Aquatic Creatures - Water
Reptiles - Fire
Insects - Akash

Humanity being guardians of all five earth elements - thus resonating with all five of such....

Alpha-Centuri brings in the energy of the healing of the wounded feminine archetype or Magdalena Consciousness as Chiron brings into the healing of the wounded male or Christ aspect... in this way they are twin energies...

Similar to how Orion and Sirius work with one another...

Damian Nola

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